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Meet Kevin

Beginning his real estate career as a real estate attorney in New York City helped prepare Kevin to understand and navigate through the technical aspects of a successful real estate transaction. Tough but fair negotiations are a part of each deal Kevin puts together. And he knows from experience that in order to keep a deal together, you need to know when to push – and when to pull. Putting the client’s interests first is where client trust begins. Kevin’s clients benefit from the confidential advice he offers and the experience he brings to handle the most thorny issues. Kevin’s own circle of trusted professional advisers can provide assistance to his clients with needs that may arise, from help with a mortgage loan, tax or legal advice, escrow, title or interior designers, contractors, even professional cleaning services. Kevin no longer practices law and does not offer legal advice to clients.

Patience, being detail-oriented and a good problem solver are some of the qualities that help Kevin to achieve his client’s goals year in and year out. The goal of working with each client is to provide a concierge level of professional service, resulting in a seamless and positive client experience. Being creative, calm and drama-free also helps Kevin achieve success for his clients, regardless of the challenge or what the market is doing.

Kevin’s focus on knowing the data and understanding market conditions forms the solid foundation on which he has built his business. Many of Kevin’s clients are acclaimed professionals, such as attorneys, software developers, electrical and microchip engineers, scientists, bio-medical researchers, educators, and accountants. All of Kevin’s clients appreciate his approach to handling the biggest transaction in their lives, which always includes the utmost care, respect, and the highest-level of representation in the real estate field.

Kevin attended Fordham College at Lincoln Center in Manhattan, NY, where he earned a B.A. in Political Science with a Minor Degree in Philosophy. He served as Editor-in-Chief of the University’s Journal of Philosophy & Social Sciences and wrote two articles for the Journal. Kevin also graduated from Fordham School of Law in Manhattan, NY, where he studied law and earned a Juris Doctorate. While in law school, Kevin published a NOTE entitled “Trade Secrets: How the Charming Betsy Canon May Do More To Weaken Environmental Laws Than The WTO’s Trade Rules” in the Fordham Environmental Law Journal (2001), where he also served as Editor-in-Chief.

When Kevin is not working, he enjoys spending time with friends and family, playing golf, reading, hiking, watching MLB, NFL and NBA, traveling, volunteering and supporting animal rescue, and spending time at Del Mar Beach with his wife and partner, Diane.


Coming from the high-pressure world of investment banking and law firms in New York City, Diane learned early in her career to always stay cool and handle the pressure, especially when the stakes were the highest. She’s assisted the highest level company Presidents, CEOs, CFOs, Entrepreneurs, and Real Estate Attorneys and learned how to execute the most important tasks when mistakes were not an option. Now, her clients enjoy her passionate – yet calm – presence all throughout the escrow. Whether the waters are smooth or stormy, Diane’s clients always know that she is there to hold their hand, walk them through the process and accomplish their goals, and always with a smile.

Diane is so good at what she does because she actually loves helping her clients buy and sell their homes. She has an innate understanding and love of the concept of “home” and really enjoys helping sellers make their home look its best when getting it ready for sale. On occasion, the homeowner winds up surprised at how beautiful Diane and the staging crew make their home look and sometimes believe their home never looked better. Even before moving into their new homes, Diane’s buyer clients will rely on her design ideas and list of resources to help personalize their new home – making it their own. No detail is too small. And before moving in, she will help her clients get a moving truck, storage unit, help turning on utilities and will always deliver some yummy treats when she hands you your keys.

Diane attended Palomar College in San Marcos and studied acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC.

When Diane is not working, she enjoys reading novels, writing poetry, watching great films, listening to music, cooking, discovering great restaurants and contributing to and volunteering for local dog rescue organizations, such as Coastal German Shepherd Rescue San Diego.