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Kevin Cummins Homes
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 69 reviews
 by Alvaro R.G. & Nuria B.R.
Buyers of a Home in Palacio Del Mar, Carmel Valley

“We met Kevin and Diane at an open house in Carmel Valley as we were trying to learn about the housing market in the area. We just moved from Europe and needed a guiding hand to know where to look or how the process of buying a home worked in the U.S. Kevin and Diane were simply perfect.

We told Kevin and Diane what we wanted in a home and what our budget was, and they showed us everything that matched our requirements. Since they knew Carmel Valley so well, they were able to quickly guide us through all of the choices, which rather quickly led us to our new home. It is a very competitive market in San Diego, so we had to position and present our offer quickly and properly in order to have it accepted. We competed against 3 other buyers but thankfully we had our bid accepted! One of the main reasons our offer was retained, as I then learnt, had a lot to do with the fact that Kevin and Diane have a strong reputation for getting things done in a professional and impeccable fashion. I see now why this was so important for the seller’s agent.

Our deal has a couple of complexity layers since we had just sold our home in Belgium and had to coordinate that closing and this one, getting international wires sent, getting financial documents translated and coordinating all with escrow and my lender. Kevin and Diane handled it all and guided us through the entire process, dealt with our bank here in the US, and efficiently ironed out any complexities. We closed on our beautiful new home on-time, and we couldn’t be happier.

Kevin and Diane are an experienced husband-and-wife Realtor team who we highly recommend to anyone looking buy a home in San Diego. Thank you, Kevin & Diane! You are outstanding!”

 by Ying L., Herman W. & Weiping L.
Buyers of a Home in Portico, Pacific Highlands Ranch-Carmel Valley, San Diego

“Kevin and Diane are the BEST realtors we could have hoped for. We had heard friends who told us to not use a traditional agent or use the seller’s agent, but we can positively say my friends have missed out. The realtors’ job is not only to find you a house, the bulk of their work lies in the escrow process.
After going through the process we now know why it is so important to find a realtor who has your best interest in mind especially in escrow. We can’t thank Kevin and Diane enough for the work they have done us.

My initial goal was to find an agent who is aggressive so we can get a good deal. Being a New Yorker, Kevin definitely know what it means to be aggressive. Not only did he get us a GREAT deal, he constantly communicated with our loan officer, home inspector, and even their connections to make sure everything is done on a timely manner and in a way that’s best for us.
Diane has great instincts and can read between the lines in knowing what people want. She knew right away what we were looking for in a house and her intuitiveness certainly played a big part when you try to guess what the sellers think and want.

The two of them combined truly made a great team. Buying house is an emotional adventure. Kevin and Diane always tried make sure that EACH of us is completely comfortable with every decision. They never rushed us in buying a house or after the purchase unless it was to make sure things get done before deadlines to ensure timely closing. They both always did more than we we could ever think of and asked for.
If a problem ever arises, they will make many calls and come up with multiple solutions before they present them to us. Some realtors push buyers to agree with conditions seller set forth to ensure a hassle-less closing. They are not ones to shy away from problems and that confirmed to us that they were truly acting on our interests. When there was repairs needed with the home they were the ones that asked the professionals tough questions so that we feel 100% comfortable with the way things are done.

The two of them are impeccably organized and responsive. Even if I emailed late a night, I know I will count on hearing from them the same night or first thing early morning. They can do twice as many things as one and they will do them twice as fast!

If you are still looking for realtors. Stop searching and give them a call. You will not be disappointed.

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 by Fred J. and Anna O.
Buyers of a Home in Carmel Valley, San Diego

“5 stars in five different categories cannot begin to describe Kevin and Diane’s service. cTheir astute professionalism and dedication is deserving of so much more than a single Zillow review can provide.

Kevin and Diane’s commitment to my wife and I, as we went through the process of purchasing our first home, remained tangible as we navigated the wilds of the San Diego County real estate market over the course of more than a year.

My reticence to immediately entering the market after six year overseas eventually gave way after Kevin and Diane led us through multiple showings, shared detailed insight on location, property history, and home inspections. cTheir attentiveness and patience was never once underscored by even a hint of frustration as we moved forward through the process of creating an offer, and in some cases counter offers, on various properties throughout the San Diego metro area over the course of that year.

Nothing short of perfect, Kevin and Diane provide a service beyond compare. cTheir expertise, thought, dedication, and results oriented focus are the gold standard which so many strive to achieve, but so few actually do. Kevin and Diane meet this standard and set the bar even higher.

 by Scott O.
Seller of a Home in Torrey Hills, Carmel Valley, San Diego

“Kevin and Diane were fantastic throughout the entire process. Both were extraordinarily responsive, and their knowledge of the area and thoughtful guidance from start to finish allowed us to achieve a top-dollar sale of our home–even while other similar homes in the immediate neighborhood continue to struggle to find a buyer. Additionally, their willingness to shepherd along maintenance and repair projects was invaluable to us, especially given our busy schedules. Overall, it would have been absolutely impossible for us to get the results we did without their help. I recommend them without qualification.”

 by Yun S. & Santosh S. – Buyers of a Home in Rancho Bernardo, San Diego
Yun S. & Santosh S. – Buyers of a Home in Rancho Bernardo, San Diego

“We recently purchased a house in San Diego. Being new to California having moved recently from East Coast purchasing a house in the expensive Southern California market was not something we were looking forward to. But we are very glad to have run into Kevin and Diane through my companies relocation program. Kevin and Diane are experts in the San Diego and Orange County real estate market. Aside from their expertise as realtors we also found them to be extremely responsive with timely scheduling of showings that always fit our busy schedules but also always ready with helpful suggestions via phone and email (even at odd hours and weekends). A very dependable team. I strongly recommend them as realtors if you are interested in buying selling or renting in the extremely competitive So Cal real estate market. We are glad to have used their services.”

 by Adam H. & Sean F.
Adam H. & Sean F. – Buyers of a New Custom Home in Mission Hills, San Diego

“Kevin and Diane have redefined the standard for service in real estate. Their approach reflects a solid grasp of the fundamentals of the business supported by a keen understanding of the trends and other fluctuating nuances that affect any given transaction. The Cummins are professional and attentive to even the smallest of details, protective of their clients, and the extra mile is their standard distance. In our case, it was more like 1,000 miles. They navigate new territory with ease and have an uncanny ability to read and work with parties on all levels of the friendly and cooperative scales. Perhaps what is most worth noting, though, is that Kevin and Diane do all of this with such genuine kindness and care. Having such positive energy infused into the process made a crucial difference in our transaction and, along with everything else above, is the reason we would recommend them without hesitation to anyone who may be considering their services.”

 by Donna and Jack B.
Buyers of a Home in Carmel Valley, San Diego

“Purchasing a second home from 3,000 miles away seemed an insurmountable task…..Kevin and Diane to the rescue! We have purchased many homes and have never had the responsiveness, immediate availability, and attention to detail and support system with which Kevin and Diane treat their clients. EVERY text or phone call answered timely, every step in our journey outlined so as to never miss a beat ….always professional and able to address problems head-on with ease. They are extremely knowledgeable in this area as well as knowing most everything one would need i.e., mortgage info, contractors, how to fulfill all requirements, and knowing how to close the deal! Although we are certain we were not their only clients at the time, we always felt like we were!”

 by Robert & Ann M.
Buyers of a Home in Carlsbad, San Diego

“Kevin and Diane are the perfect real estate team. They are skilled masters of the real estate business. Not only were they extremely patient with us in helping us identify the perfect home, they also helped us navigate the seemingly endless stream of paperwork associated with home buying in the 21st century. Wow! We thought that we would never finish completing forms and documents, but they explained every segment of the documents in detail. We feel very fortunate in finding Kevin and Diane and will recommend them to anyone looking for real estate in San Diego County. Thanks, Kevin and Diane for sticking with us!”

 by Tim & Christina S.
Buyers of a Home in Rancho San Diego, El Cajon, San Diego

“Kevin and Diane are in an elite class of real estate professionals. They recently helped us find a single-family home in Rancho San Diego after helping us sell our Condo. Let me state this as clearly as possible: Kevin and Diane are amazing at what they do. They are available, kind, patient, knowledgeable, and tenacious with the details. If you work with them, they won’t stop until they do their absolute best to walk you through every phase of the process. We knew what we wanted (big house, good size yard, great schools etc.) and after several trips out looking at homes all over San Diego County (Seriously we were in Poway, Rancho Penasquitos, Bonita, Chula Vista, and a couple a places between) I mentioned that I was sorry we were making them travel everywhere because we weren’t sure what location would work for us. Kevin calmly replied that they were in this with us for the “long haul” and they would help us find the right home for US even if it took a year and we had to look at 100 homes. No pressure from their end what so ever.

When it came to negotiating for the home we absolutely fell in love with, Kevin’s strategy held us back from possibly blowing up the deal and in the end got OUR Rancho San Diego home and it appraised for more than what we offered. Thanks Kevin and Diane! OK, STOP reading this review and call them right now…leave a message if it’s after hours. You will be so glad you did! I know WE are!”

 by Tim & Christina S.
Sellers of a Home in Golden Hill, San Diego

“Kevin and Diane recently handled the sale of our Condo in Golden Hill. They are a fantastic team and compliment each other in covering ALL the bases of a real estate transaction. They are very easy to work with and we always enjoyed our interactions with them. We were confident that they had OUR best interests in mind through every step of the deal. If you want to go into a real estate transaction and have the best, most professional team in your corner…then Kevin and Diane are an excellent choice. They were spot on with their market analysis, comps, and helping us get to the right offering price. We had multiple offers on our property and we received our top dollar price. They always provided the pros and cons of each decision and spend considerable time explaining costs/benefits of each. If you are considering buying or selling a home or condo, call or email them…you won’t regret it! Thanks Kevin & Diane!“

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